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Larson Reunion

DP Reunion 2005


Dos Pueblos class of '85 Reunion, 2005

Twenty years seems like an awfully long time. I tried to explain it to my nieces (8 and 9 years old, respectively), but I don't think they really understood. Maybe the best way to put it is this: it's now been longer from our high-school graduation to the present than it was from birth to graduation.

It was great to see everyone again, to reconnect, to talk, to listen, and most of all to experience once more the childhood joys of sleep deprivation. Thanks to everyone who came, and everyone who made it happen!



These images have been downsized for viewing on the web. If any of my classmates would like full-resolution images for printing, send me email. Please keep in mind that the files are relatively large - from 3 to 7 MB each.

By the way - I apologize in advance to those whose names I've misspelled, or whose names have changed since high school (due to marriage or otherwise). Just send me email, and I'll make any necessary corrections.

Saturday Night

DP Reunion 2005 - Saturday Night

Sunday Picnic

DP Reunion 2005 - Sunday Picnic

Old photos from High School

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