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Christmas Songs


Christmas Songs

Every few years, I record pop remakes of classic Christmas carols and Christmas songs - most of them somewhat irreverent.

Older Xmas songs with Gernot Huber

This tradition started as a joint project with my high-school friend Gernot Huber. Gernot's now living on the other side of the continent, which makes it slightly more difficult to get him into the studio - but I'm sure it will happen again one of these years! For now, here are some of our collaborations from Xmases past:

Let It Snow

Kitsch meets drum-and-bass. Enjoy!
Let It Snow.mp3 2.3MB

Do You Hear What I Hear

Techno/psychedelic. Whoah!
Do You Hear What I Hear.mp3 3MB


My personal favorite; dark, whimsical, and techno-industrial.
Sleighride.mp3 2.2MB






Jingles are Jingles

New for 2005: Channeling Depeche Mode for a sleighride.

Jingles are Jingles.mp3 4.7MB

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Please note, since some have asked: no Depeche Mode samples were used in the creation of this recording. All tracks were newly performed.

(Nice Day For A) White Christmas

The idea for this one came to me just in time for Christmas 2003. My apologies to both of the original artists. :-)

White Christmas.mp3 3.9MB

For those interested in the tech side of things, I recorded this during a visit to relatives in New Jersey, far from my home studio. Instead, I used only a Powerbook, Digital Performer, Mach 5, and a Korg microKONTROL. Vocals were recorded using the Powerbook's built-in microphone, which is hidden somewhere under the keyboard. I also mixed using only headphones and the Powerbook's built-in speakers, so I'll just assume that the bass is way off...

Original Songs

If you like these Christmas songs (and I hope that you do!), check out some of the songs from my singer-songwriter electronica project, in the general vein of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Click on the links below for mp3 downloads and lyrics.

Dry and Bumpy Ride

Scattering of You

House of Rain

When I Wake Up